ТРЦ Авиапарк
Станция метро "ЦСКА"
Unique |
Multimedia amusement park
for the whole family
ТРЦ Авиапарк
Станция метро "ЦСКА"
Multimedia amusement park
for the whole family
— is more than a playground
Here events develop according to the rules of your imagination.

Games, physical installations and colorful projections embodied in different scenes also remain in the Choice Park.

Here you can have fun together and celebrate your remaining birthday  - it will be interesting for both adults and children.

Hurry up and embark on an exciting interactive adventure!
Learning while playing
Complete safety
New family format
of leisure and holidays
No age restrictions, it will be interesting for everyone
Something new every week!
We regularly change the theme
of the design of the games throughout the park! So that you will find yourself in a new play space every time:
  • Mysterious space
  • Underwater journey
  • Toys
  • In the animal world
  • City of the future
In Hello Park you can celebrate children's parties in a bright and unusual way. Interactive projections on the table will entertain during the festive banquet and even congratulate the birthday child!
At Hello Park you can have fun and have a good meal in our family cafe with a cozy design. The range of dishes is varied and suitable for both adults and children. The menu includes not only desserts and appetizers, but also full-fledged dishes of European cuisine: soups, salads, main courses. The entire menu is designed taking into account the characteristics of our audience.
Prices for unlimited access
Tickets are purchased for children aged 1 to 18 years.
Adults free
Friday and pre-holiday days
Delight your friends and family with an amazing gift!
Give the gift of a certificate for any entertainment at hello park
With this certificate you can pay for any services in Hello Park in the Aviapark shopping center.

You can purchase a physical gift certificate at the ticket office of our park.

Certificates are valid only in Hello Park Aviapark
Interactive tour of the park
Адрес парка
Москва, Ходынский б-р, 4
ТРЦ Авиапарк, 3 этаж
(вход со стороны ОБИ, Желтая зона парковки)
Станция метро "ЦСКА"

+7 903 130 97 97


Карта ТЦ
e-mail: aviapark@hello-park.ru
Телефон: +7 903 130 97 97
ИП Никеенко Анастасия Сергеевна
ИНН 280113101535
ОГРН 322280100023930
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